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    Originating from Nashville, Tennessee, jazz vocalist Arianna Hume and guitarist Ryan Casey joined together in 2016 to form the Arianna Hume Duo, in hopes of arranging and performing stylistic covers of popular 1940’s and 50’s jazz standards. Their expansive repertoire includes the works of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, George Gershwin, and many more. Additionally, the duo specializes in rearranging contemporary music to fit seamlessly with this music of the past, performing works by artists such as Norah Jones, Van Morrison, Elvis Presley, and Stevie Wonder in such a way to produce a stripped-down, vintage sound.

    The Duo (recently named one of 'The Top 12 Wedding Bands in Nashville') strives to deliver a high quality musical experience – a beautiful and elegant live sound for a multitude of venues, including upscale restaurants, weddings, private and corporate events, and much more. Whatever the occasion might be, The Arianna Hume Duo will be the perfect backdrop for a night of live-music that will be sure to satisfy you and all your guests.



Route 66​

For Once In My Life

The Nearness of You





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what services do you offer?

The Arianna Hume Duo specializes in offering intimate, lively arrangements of popular music, dating back from the 1940’s and 50’s with artists such as Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Etta James, all the way to the pop and contemporary music of today - Bruno mars, Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, and much, much more. We are committed to delivering a musical experience that will delight and capture the attention of listeners in any setting, whether it be at a rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, private party, corporate event...whatever you need for your next live music event!

can you play at my next event?

For availability and pricing, please reach out to us using our contact form below or by simply sending an email to with details of your event!

what if i want to see you perform live before booking?

The Arianna Hume Duo performs at a multitude of public and private events in and around Nashville, TN throughout the year. Though most of the events we play at are closed to the public, we do have the occasional public performance pop up on our calendar and would love to secure you an invitation if you let us know your availability in advance. In addition to performing live in Nashville and neighboring areas, we are constantly thinking of new videos and online content to create, which is another great way to see us perform "live" before booking for your next event!

what equipment do you provide?

We provide all of our own sound equipment for the events we perform at. After discussing the specific needs of you and your guests, taking into account variables such as volume minimums and maximums, the acoustics of your space, and the type of music we will be performing, we will then decide on the best gear to bring that will fit your event perfectly! For a small fee, we are also more than happy to provide wireless mics for announcements/toasts, and even dance floor lighting for when the party gets going. Additionally, we can provide complementary background music from our sound system in between sets if that's what you and your guests would like.

will you travel to play at my event?

Of course! Though we are based in Nashville, we love to travel and will gladly come to you for your event. For travel rates, please fill out our contact form below or feel free to email us at with specific questions.

Can i choose the music you play?

We are professionally trained in all musical styles and genres, and have an extensive set list that we are always adding to, so more than likely we have songs in our repertoire that you will love! We have conveniently included a sample of our current repertoire further down the page if you'd like to check out our song list. That being said, we do love learning new music! After all, it is your event and we want you and your guests to have an unforgettable experience. Before booking your event, we will ask you to make a list of some of your favorite songs of all time and some of your not so favorite songs. This will help us to create a set list for your event that will be in line with your tastes so you can relax and enjoy yourself on the big day. As far as specific requests go, i.e. first dances, processionals, etc. we are more than happy to learn those for you (free of charge!) and just ask that you give us plenty of notice.

how much do you charge for wedding packages?

Because every wedding we perform at is unique, there are always going to be various factors that influence the price of our wedding packages, which include pairings of ceremony music, cocktail hour, reception, etc. Most importantly, we want to put together the best option for you and your guests, so please don't hesitate to share your budget goals with us! For a specific quote on your wedding package, please reach out to us via the contact form below or through email -

what are we expected to provide for you?

We are super easy going! We provide everything as far as equipment goes, and simply require an electrical outlet or power source for our gear. As the saying goes, "a well-fed musician is a happy musician," so we do ask for meals to be provided at certain events so we can stay fueled up for a night of music-making!

how long do you play for?

Every event and schedule is different, but our maximum set length is approximately 45-60 minutes, with a 15-20 minute break, during which we are happy to provide background music that fits the mood from our sound set up.

can you play as a full band too?

Absolutely, we'd love to bring our musician friends along! Pricing for adding additional band members will depend on each specific event and number of players. Please reach out to us with our contact form below or email us at to find out more about our full band options. There's also the option to have us perform as a duo/trio for the first bit of your event, and then transition into full band (this works great with weddings - low-key duo for the ceremony, classy jazz trio for the cocktail hour, and then rockin' full band for the reception so your guests can dance the night away!)

Song Sheet

song sheet

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We are more than happy to learn requests for most events! It is our ultimate goal to fit the vibe of your event and leave you and your guests happy on the big day! You can always contact us using the form below to let us know your special requests or shoot us an email at

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